Aiming towards and all-inclusive growth in the society especially Farming Community and below Poverty line families:

PLR group has its roots firmly established in the soil where our companies are growing. Contributing to the society is imperative for all-inclusive growth. Towards, this end in mind PLR group constantly strives to reach out to the others.

Some of the responsibilities taken up are:
  • Subsidization of loans to farmers who supply milk to the dairy.
  • Educating and training Farmers in Sustainable Agriculture practices.
  • The company earmarked funds to find ways and means to improve the Irrigation and Drinking Water problems of rural areas.
  • Digging of bore wells and supply of drinking water in Punganuru province, Chittoor District, AP State, South India..
  • Pension for Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged through the Family Trust.
  • Sponsoring educational opportunities for underprivileged students.
  • Facilitating the construction of a Big Ayyappa Swamy temple at Yerrathivaripalli, Sodam Mandal, Chittoor District, AP state, India and also supports Free Distribution of food, during the Festival months of November to January every year.